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Dental phone number: +36 20 435 7116

Never miss your smiling desire - A beautiful white smile!
Whitening - Whiteer with Lighter Healthier Smile
Most modern tooth whitening systems with immediate results.
The most beautiful smile with a process!
Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that can hold up to 6 shades of whiter, lighter and healthier smile in up to 1 hour.
Immediate spectacular results! Fast, safe, effective and natural effect!
Bartók Dental is responsible for cleaning your teeth!
A beautiful white smile is no longer excellence
Bartók Dental Dental Professionals have more than 10 years of experience, specialized cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening experiences, the latest trends are the best quality

Action - Prize - White Smile

At the Bartók Dental clinic, teeth whitening is now available
Instead of HUF 29,990, now half price. only 14 990 HUF
a site shared with us
between divisors, per week
a free tooth whitening, a lucky winner!
A weekly winner will receive the "beautiful white smile" Bartók Dental whitening for free!

White Smile Winning

The Winner, the prize from the announcement, until January 31, 2019,
can be used during the opening hours of the surgery, after appointment.
Prize can not be transferred to another and can not be used for other dental services.

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