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Our Patient Guarantee

Our dentists provide top quality dental care for our patients in every area of dentistry.  At our Budapest practice, aside from resolving existing problems we also emphasize prevention and the regular attendance of screenings, therefore we offer our patients new patient consultation and setting up treatment plans for free.

We offer generally accepted and exclusively agreed guarantees on tooth preparations made by our practice. In the case that the tooth preparation made at our practice breaks, loosens, cracks, or stains during intended use while the guarantee is valid, our patients will not be charged for the repairs or necessary replacement of the preparations. Validity period on tooth preparations:

  • Dental implants: 3 years

  • Other prostheses: 1 year

In which case is the guarantee valid?

The condition of the guarantee is that the patient attends compulsory screening appointments following oral surgical procedures. The screening is done on a biannual basis in the case of both implants and other prostheses. As the patients’ state of health and hygiene habits may affect the end result of the dental treatment, our dentists can only guarantee the quality of the tooth preparations, thus the guarantee provided only covers the tooth preparations. 

Therefore, the guarantee is only valid in the case that:

The patient attends the complimentary screenings every six months and consults with their dentist. 

The patient keeps to the oral hygiene instructions and special cleaning procedures of prostheses or implants advised by their dentist.

The prosthesis or implant is used as intended, the preparation is only affected by the physiological forces excepted from chewing, and doesn’t lead to it’s strain.

In case of any mistakes made during the manufacture of the preparation.

Our practice cannot provide a guarantee in the following cases:

The patient doesn’t attend the biannual screenings, and their dentist is unable to check the condition of the prosthesis or implant. 

The patient doesn’t keep to the oral hygiene instructions advised by the dentist, the preparation isn’t kept clean, the patient neglects their oral hygiene. 

The preparation isn’t used as intended, and put under extreme strain (such as damages caused by  teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night).

As part of our guarantee, we provide all our patients with a guarantee card, which contains the name of our practice and your dentist, as well as the attendance of the compulsory screenings. In order to keep the guarantee valid, the patient agrees to keep the guarantee card and to take it to the screenings, and to remind their dentist to indicate that these appointments happened.

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