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Bartók Dental Dentistry Budapest - About Us


Dentistry and oral surgery using the latest methods

Our dental practice is located in the 11th district of Budapest, right next to Móricz Zsigmond körtér. It is easily accessible both by car and using public transport. Our patients have access to easy, ‘search-free’ parking in a parking garage directly next to our office.

Reach out to us with confidence!

Bartók Dental guarantees painless, high quality treatments. Your comfort is assured by the work ethic of our dentists, the state-of-the-art facilities and the unique design of our office. Our friendly and mindful reception staff is happy to assist you with the administration regarding your treatment.

Our aim is to help you address all your dental care needs in a quick, painless, professional and all-inclusive way in one place. Our practice is with the advancement of dental equipment: our state-of-the-art devices include a panoramic radiograph, several smaller radiographs; and three dental chairs, all equipped with the latest technology.

At Bartók Dental we not only do general dental treatments, but oral surgery treatments and procedures as well: we have a specially equipped operating room separated from the rest of the practice for this purpose at our disposal.

The professional excellence and experience of our staff is exceptional.

We believe that stable and lasting development can only be achieved through the guarantee of high standards of quality.

We offer all our patients high quality dental care, in friendly and familiar surroundings. We are first and foremost interested in our patients’ oral health, your dental care with us will surely be a positive experience. 

We do everything to make sure our dentists gain your trust. In our practice, we have created a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. We have equipped Bartók Dental practice with the latest technology, creating a modern and comfortable setting.

Our practice is located at 41 Bartók Béla út, on the main road connecting Móricz Zsigmond körtét and Hotel Gellért, near the entrance to Bartók House.

Our practice is unique in its ability to take good, professional care of severe dental decay problems. We can stop, restore, and prevent this process. It is a good idea to come back to our practice for an examination from time to time. Another strong point of our practice is efficient anesthesia. We can confidently say that our dental treatments don’t cause any pain to our patients, and meeting our dentists is always a pleasant experience. It is time to visit our practice, at any time during our business hours! It is obvious that nowadays the best way to replace lost  teeth is a dental implant (also known as a fixture).

We may remove teeth if necessary, then replace the lost teeth, with outstanding results.

We are worried that our patients might miss out on oral health and preventive measures, so we are open every day of the week - except Sundays -, waiting for your visit!

Bartók Dental 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 41.

+36 20 624 6146 

Special offer from Bartók Dental!

We have created our Bartók Dental practice with professionals for whom dentistry is a passion. We offer brighter, more attractive, and more permanent white smiles, without any pain, in a welcoming environment. 

We treat dental problems in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We provide warranty, take care of regular checkups, and help our patients maintain the results of treatments.

Come and see for yourself, let’s make an appointment! The desired healthy and beautiful smile is not only a dream, it is our common goal that we can achieve together. 

Bartók Dental!

It is part of our dental network, with remarkable facilities and inner design. Our highly trained medical staff offer quick, painless, and efficient solutions to any dental problems. 

 Bartók Dental welcomes patients

in the centre of Budapest, 

in the 11th district

on Bartók Béla út.


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