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The brilliant smile is born at us
You want to give it, but do not know what to choose? We have the perfect suggestion,
because there is no better gift than a beautiful smile!
Bartók Dental offers an exclusive gift card with a special surprise. Birthday, Named Day, Family Event, Christmas ... or simply because,
because you want the perfect for the occasion.

Gift card discount

The recipient of the gift card can enjoy the Bartók Dental's offer
"Brilliant Smile" whitening service, with the value of the card credible experience.
The "Brilliant Smile" whitening gift card is now half price,
50% discount, available for 14,490 HUF,
of which 27 are still available!
It is worth trying to get a gift card, which is limited in number!
Do not hesitate, Smile with Bartók!
Brilliant smile gift card discount discount
Are your teeth okay?
Secure, accurate panoramic X-ray, diagnostics, with modern equipment, specialist consultation, dental status, immediate evaluation
For registered users, showing the ad $ 1,990
Optional Another ONE EXTRA DISCOUNT!
- 15% Stomach,
- 20% Dental filling
- 50% Tooth removal
At the Bartók Dental Clinic
the Action is available until 31 December 2019
interest and date booking:
+36 20 624 6146
Budapest, XI. dist. Bartók Béla út 41


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