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You will be surprised at what may stand in the background

When it comes to tooth inflammation, we typically think of severe pain, abscesses, and swelling, often accompanied by unpleasant breathing, accompanied by bad mouthtaste. However, there are some cases where it has not been revealed for years that such an oral problem exists. Patients are usually surprised that complaints such as chronic headaches, eczema, or joint pain are caused by a dental focal point (foci).

But what is a dental focal point and why is it so dangerous?

A focal point is a continuous inflammation in the body that results in a secondary disease at a more distant point in the body. Toxins, bacteria get into the bloodstream and this issues trouble. For example, if you are struggling with recurrent tonsillitis and also often experience fatigue, lethargy, eye problems, or joint pain, it is very possible that there is an association. Chronic dental inflammation is usually completely asymptomatic and often remains hidden unless the watchfull dentist performs a dental focal examination: with a thorough, comprehensive examination of the teeth and oral cavity, a panoramic X-ray can shed light on the problem.

Five most common causes of primary inflammation

Of course not every dental problem means as a dental focal point. The following cases can develop primary inflammation:

#1 Teeth left in a breakthrough (such as a wisdom tooth)

# 2 Broken tooth root, improperly performed root canal treatment

# 3 Inflammation and lesions in the tissue around the root apex

# 4 Chronic gingivitis and periodontal disease

# 5 A severely carious tooth in which nerve tissue has died

Most common diseases due to  mouth focal point

Symptoms can affect almost any area of the body and can cause milder and more severe complaints. Once we had gone through all the surgeries, we still could not find out what could be behind the “mysterious illness”, a dental focal point worth suspecting. Here we list only the most common complaints, but unfortunately a much more comprehensive list could be made.

# 1 Baldness, strong hair loss

# 2 Lesions, rashes on the skin (such as redness, eczema, psoriasis)

# 3 Cardiovascular disease (such as endocarditis)

# 4 Chronic kidney or liver inflammation

# 5 Joint, respiratory and nervous system diseases

Complaints could be eliminated only by tooth removal?

You don't have to worry! The basic premise of today's modern dentistry - which we also keep in mind - is that tooth extraction and tooth removal can only take place as a last resort. In case of gingivitis, even a thorough tartar removal and tooth cleaning is enough to eliminate dental focal point. If the root canal treatment has been done inappropriate, the most common solution is to replace the root canal filling or remove the root canal (while retaining the tooth).

If you visit dental control twice a year, the chances of a foci forming are much lower! From a regular health checkpoint, it is easy to recognize early on that your symptoms are caused by some “latent” dental problem.

We look forward to seeing you in our Budapest dental clinic, in a pleasant, calm environment!

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